I hope this finds everyone well and having a good start to the new year. The past six months of 2017 were a busy time for Alpha-Omicron as well as the Indiana University Greek system. Our chapter recently initiated our fall class, and our brotherhood has reached 184 members on the IU campus.


One of the events of the past year I am most proud of was our chapter’s willingness to help out the Wabash College chapter in their initia­tion. We had 24 members of our house donate a weekend of their time last fall to mentor and lead our ritual for the members of the Wabash chapter as they initiated their associate class. It was quite an honor to be asked to lead this and a testament to how our International Headquar­ters regards our chapter and the leadership of Joe Folkening ’88. Joe, not only being a master steward of Lambda Chi Alpha, also volunteers countless hours to the chapter by mentoring our members. Thank you, Joe, and the members of our ritual team, for showing true fraternal broth­erhood with our Wabash brothers. Please check out the article in this issue on our Special Olym­pics participation at Purdue by Matthias Ebeyer ’20. It’s another great reflection of the chapter.


Fraternities and sororities have been in the news for most of 2017; as poor decision making as well as sparse alumni leadership at many cam­puses has led to tragic circumstances. Partly in response to these events, the Interfraternity Council at Indiana University, a membership of presidents of fraternities on the IU campus, vot­ed unanimously to suspend all social activities where alcohol is present along with unsuper­vised new member education programs effec­tive until February 28. The next step forward is to find tangible solutions for this community to ensure the safety of all members. Vice Provost of Student Affairs Lori Reesor has asked me, as well as several Greek alumni and specialists, to join a task force to provide feedback and recom­mendations for the IFC fraternities and Panhel­lenic sororities on the IU campus. I look forward to this challenge of making Greek life at IU an enduring and safe time for our future members.


I am stepping down from the president’s role on the house corporation board. Cathy and I will be moving from Illinois, and I feel it would be too difficult to be an effective president that far away. After eight years, it is probably time for another alumnus to take over anyway. These eight years have been an informative and excit­ing time for me, and I am very proud of what this board has done, not only with the physical facili­ties of the house but also the improvement of the active membership, which would not have been possible without Joe Folkening. I will be staying on the board but in a reduced role.


I would encourage anyone interested in serving on this house corporation board to please reach out to me, and I will be glad to answer any ques­tions and welcome more alumni to the board. As always, if given the opportunity to visit Bloom­ington, please feel free to stop by the house and meet these newest members of Alpha-Omicron. Thinking about our celebration of 100 years on the IU campus in 2017, our strong alumni in­volvement, and now having nearly 200 active members, I am very excited for the future of Al­pha-Omicron!


Tony Drake ’84
Outgoing House Corporation President
(603) 336-8973


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