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Alpha-Omicron Excels on Campus

This past semester for Alpha-Omicron Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha was one to remember. The brothers brought back the famous Nightmare on 3rd Street, also known as “LambdaWeen,” philanthropic event. The house is decorated as scary as possible, and the brothers dress up and put on a haunted house. The event was a success, and all proceeds benefitted the Brown County Food Bank.


The chapter initiated 33 members into our brotherhood this fall. The new brothers are from all over the country, and we even have a new brother from Colombia. The spring recruitment period started this February, and we are looking to find around 35 well-rounded young men. Last semester, our chapter was privileged to travel to Wabash College and run the initiation ceremony at their chapter. This was a big honor and a humbling experience to spread brotherly love to not only the brothers within our Zeta, but to Lambda Chi Alpha brothers all over the state. The initiation went great, and two new members were initiated into our bond that day.


Another big achievement for our chapter was our relationship with the Monroe Country Special Olympics flag football team. The Special Olympics program here in Indiana is trying to make Special Olympics flag football an IHSAA certified sport. We were asked to help them out, and we accepted the call.


A few brothers from our chapter traveled to Purdue University to play in a headline game.

These are the highlights of the game from Hunter Roser ’20:

  • Colton Tuzinski ’20 had two touchdowns and an interception.
  • Zachary Styers ’20 and Hunter both had interceptions as well.
  • Sean Massura ’20 and Carter Jones ’20 played very well.
  • Special Olympics athletes Justin and Jeff played outstanding! Justin had four touchdown passes, and Jeff had two receiving touchdowns and two 2-point conversions.
  • Final score of the game was LXA IU 28 to Skulls PU 6.

The game was not televised, but Hunter and Sean were both video interviewed after the game, which will either go on TV or in a documentary. Colton said, “The athletes were fun to play with, and it was a great experience overall.”


The Alpha-Omicron Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha has been making great strides to becoming better men. Last semester was one for the books, and we are planning on having an even better one this semester.


Matthias Ebeyer ’20
High Alpha

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